Perminder Mann gets Wikipedia entry to help close site's 'gender page gap'

Perminder Mann gets Wikipedia entry to help close site's 'gender page gap'

Bonnier Publishing UK c.e.o. Perminder Mann is being given a Wikipedia entry as part of a drive to close Wikipedia's "gender page gap" through a series of "edit-a-thons" organised by the platform with Bloomberg as part of a programme from London mayor Sadiq Khan during London Tech Week. 

Mann's biography is being added to the site this week by London schoolgirls in collaboration with Wikipedia’s experts, alongside those of other women c.e.o.s, editors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and artists, to address what Khan called "a woefully inaccurate reflection of women’s achievement".

With the aim of creating more women biographies on Wikipedia, in an article for the Telegraph yesterday (12th June), Mann was named by Khan as one of a number of women who "in spite of their talent, profile and significant contributions to their industry are still without Wikipedia entries".

Although some other prominent women in publishing do have their own Wikipedia pages, such as Penguin Random House's Gail Rebuck, Fourth Estate's Vicky Barnsley and Bloomsbury Publishing's Alexandra Pringle, Mann had yet to have one set up.

Khan highlighted that only 17% of Wikipedia biographies are about women currently while an even lower proportion of women (15%) edit pages, and he stressed this needs to change.

Highlighting the potential reasons why women may have been detered from contributing and editing pages on the site until now - such as lack of time or confidence, or fear of online abuse - Khan said: "These are all issues we must address if we are to see a shift in the number of pages about fascinating women, past and present, that the site so sorely lacks."

Other new entries recognise Farrah Storr, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, whose first book publishes with Piatkus in September, and entrepreneur and coder Emem Rita Usanga.

Commenting on the scheme, Mann told The Bookseller: "While it’s disappointing that only 17% of Wikipedia’s biographies are of women it’s not surprising, so it’s brilliant to see such a practical initiative designed to improve its gender equality ratio.

"It’s hugely inspiring to think that schoolgirls – the next generation of women c.e.o.s, editors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and artists – will be playing such an active role in redressing the balance and I’m honoured to be among the new entries."