Penguin signs 'major' deals for forest bathing book

Penguin signs 'major' deals for forest bathing book

Penguin Life has signed "major" deals at Frankfurt Book Fair for a 2018 title about a Japanese practice called "forest bathing".

Shinrin-Yoku: The Art and Science of Forest Bathing – How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness by Dr Qing Li will be published in the UK on 31st May 2018.

"Forest bathing" is the practice of spending time in wooded areas for health benefits. A "pillar of Japanese culture for decades", now scientists and health experts "all over the world are talking about the healing properties of trees", said the publisher.

Dr Qing Li is the "leading world expert" on the practice of "forest medicine", according to the publisher, and his book Shinrin-Yoku will bring together years "cutting-edge research" in a "practical and beautiful guide" to understanding how trees can help readers find health and happiness.

Penguin has sold US rights to Viking and secured major pre-empts in Germany, to Rowohlt, and Spain, to Roca. Auctions are underway in France, the Netherlands and Italy, with other offers "expected soon" in key markets.

Rights director Chantal Noel said: "We expected this to be a major title for us at Frankfurt, but we have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from all corners of the globe. Shinrin-Yoku is a book that speaks to our human need to live closer to nature, and publishers have been immediately captivated by this".

Editorial director Emily Robertson added: "Shinrin-Yoku is an approach to wellbeing that that has been growing rapidly in popularity over the last year and Dr Qing Li, as the world expert in Forest Medicine, is the perfect person to write the definitive book on the topic. Humans have an innate desire to connect with the natural world and Dr Li’s book will provide practical advice of how to do just that, mindfully and with intention."