Open access fund for Wellcome Library users

The Wellcome Library has launched an Open Access fund to enable users to publish their work in Open Access form.

The Library said it was looking to put "at least £100,000" behind the fund over the next three years, and will extend the scheme if it proves popular.

The fund is aimed primarily at independent, non-affiliated researchers, but is open to anyone whose publications draw significantly on the Library's collection.

Simon Chaplin, head of the Wellcome Library, said: "We are keen to see Library users take full advantage of the greater visibility and reach offered by open access publication. In supporting them through the new fund, we hope to showcase the extraordinary range and quality of research inspired by the Wellcome Library's collections."

The Wellcome Library is part of the Wellcome Trust, which has, since 2005, required its grant holders to make their research papers open access and has now widened the policy to include monographs and book chapters.

Applicants to the fund can find full details via