Octopus signs Krissy Cela's 'feel-good fitness' guide

Octopus signs Krissy Cela's 'feel-good fitness' guide

Octopus is to release Happy Healthy Strong, the new exercise and lifestyle guide from fitness technology entrepreneur, personal trainer and author Krissy Cela.

The book, which explores a "360-degree" approach to health and exercise, includes chapters on improving mental strength, eating well and moving the body. This is the second book in a two-title deal Octopus secured last year, following the publication of Do This for You: How to Be a Strong Woman from the Inside Out in January.

Natalie Bradley, senior commissioning editor acquired world rights for Happy Healthy Strong from Jenny Heller at the Robertson Murray Literary Agency, and will publish in January 2022.

The synopsis explains: "With her first-ever practical fitness book, Krissy wants you to say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and to start prioritising your health with functional exercises, smart and simple recipes and mental strength training. This is feel-good fitness, which not only delivers fantastic results but keeps you feeling strong and healthy for life.

"In Happy Healthy Strong, Krissy Cela provides a 360-degree approach to revolutionising your lifestyle from the inside out. The book is presented in three sections: Train Your Brain helps to build your mental strength, Fuel Your Life has more than 80 easy and energising recipes, and Move Move Move has more than 45 at-home exercises complete with build-your-own workout guides. Looking after yourself, in both body and mind, is the most important thing you can do for happiness and wellbeing. It means so much more than reaching a number on the scales. Through Krissy’s expert advice, you will learn how to build your mental resilience, discover the joy of eating well, and make a habit of moving your body."

Cela first turned to fitness during a particularly challenging time in her life and started posting her workouts on social media while studying for a law degree. Her following grew, and she now has more than 3.5 million followers across her social media accounts. In January 2019 she launched the Tone & Sculpt app, which features more than 500 workouts, a community forum and a meal planner fully customisable for each users’ dietary needs. The app achieved more than 250,000 downloads in its first six months. 

Bradley said of the announcement, “I’m so excited for us to publish Krissy’s second book. Exercising with Krissy is like working out with your best friend—if your friend happens to be a world-renowned personal trainer. Her bubbly, down-to-earth personality and straight-talking style take the pressure and confusion out of what ‘healthy’ means. Krissy has already helped millions to put the fun back into fitness and with this book she will inspire many more.”

Cela commented, “My first book focused on mindset to build a life-long, positive relationship with fitness. In Happy Healthy Strong I’ll show how to take that even further on a practical level, combining key exercises, food that’s both delicious and good for you, and a healthy mental outlook. It’s my life’s mission to help people find what works for them, meet their goals and stick with it! This programme really works, whatever level you’re at. Huge thanks to Octopus for all their support in making these books happen!”