Gardners and Browns Books to sponsor National Poetry Day

Gardners and Browns Books to sponsor National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day has two new sponsors after book trade wholesaler Gardners and sister company Browns Books for Students pledged their support.

This year’s celebration, organised by the Forward Arts Foundation charity, will mark its 25th anniversary and takes place on 3rd October.

The festival was founded in 1994 and is supported by the BBC, Arts Council England, Royal Mail and a string of organisations, booksellers, publishers, libraries and schools. It encourages people throughout the UK to share and enjoy poems at events, through competitions and via social media.

National Poetry Day manager Andrea Reece said: “National Poetry Day drew on the expertise and in-kind support of Gardners and Browns Books for Students in 2018, and it was an enormous help.  We are extremely pleased now to have them as official partners for our 2019 25th anniversary campaign.

“This exciting partnership will extend the reach of National Poetry Day even further, indeed into every bookshop and school in the UK.”