National Book Tokens launches monthly gift card

National Book Tokens launches monthly gift card

National Book Tokens is launching a new gift card scheme, which offers customers a regular monthly books budget to be spent through high street bookshops. 

From 2nd November, hundreds of independent bookshops, Waterstones and W H Smith branches, as well as a number of online retailers, will be accepting the Bookily gift cards in a move designed to increase footfall for stores across the country.

Bookily cards are automatically loaded each month with any amount between £5 and £20, for as long as the gift giver chooses. The giver can check the card balance and add extra amounts to the card through their account. Recipients also have access to an online portal which enables them to manage their card as well as convert it into an e-gift to save on their phone. The portal will also suggest tailored book recommendations and regular competitions.

Alex de Berry, National Book Tokens m.d., commented: “We are always looking for new ways to deliver incremental value to high street bookshops and to respond to the evolving ways consumers purchase gifts. Bookily is designed to target discretionary consumer spend that is not pure gift but is instead for regular treats and pocket money, it is also designed to appeal to new customer groups. 

“Bookily’s branding and features are designed to appeal directly to younger readers who we feel will enjoy having their own books budget, empowering them to make the choice of book they want."

To support the consumer launch, the company is investing in a media partnership with the Week and the Week Jr, including a cover wrap and print and digital adverts throughout November. The campaign will also include an influencer campaign run by Tandem Collective, and featuring a series of partnerships and competitions.