Faber to rebrand Nathan Filer's mental health book

Faber to rebrand Nathan Filer's mental health book

Nathan Filer’s first non-fiction book, The Heartland (Faber) will be rebranded in paperback as This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health in February 2020.

The book "has garnered an unprecedented amount of critical attention, celebrating its reach and its ability to help readers re-think their relationship to mental illness and those who suffer from it", according to the publisher. “Faber has decided to embrace the response and scale up its plans for the paperback as a result of the feedback from readers and booksellers.”

Inspired by his 20 years as a mental health nurse, The Heartland followed on from his Costa Award-winning debut novel The Shock of the Fall (Borough Press). He told The Bookseller in May that the two books were “absolutely connected”. He said: “The Heartland came directly out of the interactions I had as a result of The Shock of the Fall. Two of the stories I tell are from people who wrote to me after reading the novel and who subsequently shared their experiences with me."

Louisa Joyner, publishing director at Faber, said: “One of the incredible things about Nathan Filer and his work is his sensitivity to his audience, his desire to listen and to let others be heard. It feels entirely in-keeping with that openness to move our publishing up a gear for the paperback in light of the incredibly moving outpouring of love this book has had. We’re excited for its next incarnation.”

Sales director Sara Talbot added: “The response to Nathan's work is stellar, so being flexible in our paperback strategy in order to drive attention gives us a great opportunity for this important book.”

This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health will be published in paperback format on 6th February 2020.