Mudlark snaps up Adam Buxton's memoir

Mudlark snaps up Adam Buxton's memoir

HarperCollins Publishers has snapped up comedian, writer and broadcaster Adam Buxton’s memoir, Ramble Book.

Mudlark publishing director Jack Fogg acquired world rights from Caroline Chignell at PBJ Management. Ramble Book will be published on the 14th May 2020 by Mudlark and Adam will be embarking on a 23-stop nationwide tour," Adam Buxton Rambles...", to support publication.

"Written with Adam’s characteristic sensitivity and charm, his long-awaited book is a rambling, very funny and at times poignant memoir; taking in his burgeoning love of pop culture as a teenager, his feelings about childhood and parenthood, coming to terms with the death of his father and lots more besides," reads the synopsis.

Buxton said: "I don't know why people think writing a book is hard. I have found it very easy, enjoyable and in no way traumatic. That's a literary device known as irony, which I use sparingly in the book. The truth is it's been weird rummaging around in the bins of my adolescence, my odd, marginal career and my middle age but, as well as lacerating myself on a few sharp objects that should have been more carefully disposed of, I've found many enjoyable nuggets that I hope people will find tasty. Just to be clear, I was using another literary device there (metaphor that time, I think), the book is not about finding and eating fast food that has been thrown in the bin. That's my next book."

Fogg added: "Working with Adam on his book has been a real career highlight. He is, as one might expect, incredibly gracious, full of ideas and fantastically good company. And his book shares many of the qualities that make him such a well-loved broadcaster and comedian: warmth, humour, intelligence, self-deprecation (sometimes too much!) and spotless timing, it is the work of someone who doesn’t shy away from an unflattering truth, or a great gag. I can’t wait for Adam to see the response from readers, which I know will be incredibly positive."