Michael Joseph clinches Izzy Judd's Mindfulness for Mums

Michael Joseph clinches Izzy Judd's Mindfulness for Mums

Michael Joseph will publish Mindfulness for Mums by musician and author Izzy Judd.

Publisher Charlotte Hardman bought world rights in all languages from Stephanie Thwaites at Curtis Brown. Mindfulness for Mums will be published in hardback on January 9th 2020.

Judd is a classically trained musician and her album with the string quartet Escala reached the top 10 UK chart. She married Harry Judd, a member of Mcfly, in 2012 and they have two children together. She has since written about her experiences of motherhood  - Dare to Dream (Bantam Press) explored her experience of fertility struggles and IVF. Mindfulness for Mums is her second book.

In Mindfulness for Mums: Simple tips to help you and your family feel calm, connected and content, Judd has brought together “a collection of simple and inspiring activities and exercises to help mothers find their own piece of calm,” said Michael Joseph. The exercises are aimed at adults to practise alone or with their children.

Mindfulness for Mums guides the reader through quick and easy self-care tips to help them find a moment’s calm in the chaos of motherhood,” the synopsis reads. “The book will guide readers through the challenging and exhausting days, exciting and happy days and most importantly provide something they can teach children to share together over the years. Izzy’s mindfulness exercises can easily be introduced into your day rather than being something else to add to the to do list.”

Judd said: “I decided to write Mindfulness for Mums as I was searching for something to help with the daily demands and challenges that motherhood brings, often meaning that time for our own well-being is overlooked. Having lived with anxiety from a young age I wanted to learn more about how mindfulness could support my children with their own emotional development."

Hardman added: “Life can be overwhelming and once you add in the additional mental load that comes with being a parent, it’s not always easy to find those moments of calm. Izzy has brilliantly created and curated a collection of simple and beautiful exercises to help parents practise a little bit of self-care as well as to connect with their child and help ease their anxieties too."