Claire McGowan turns to true crime with Audible

Claire McGowan turns to true crime with Audible

Claire McGowan's first non-fiction title The Vanishing Triangle will be released exclusively on Audible in April 2021. 

McGowan is the author of crime thriller What You Did (Thomas & Mercer, 2019) and the Paula Maguire series (Headline).

Her first true crime book, The Vanishing Triangle, will shine a light on the unsolved disappearance of at least eight women from mid-1990s Dublin; their bodies were never found, and no suspect was ever charged. 

To understand why these crimes remain unsolved, McGowan will explore what life was like in 1990s Ireland, and investigate how a shifting political landscape and Irish society’s views on the treatment of women impacted the investigation. 

Audible secured worldwide English language audio rights from Diana Beaumont at Marjacq Scripts.

McGowan said: "I first came across the so-called Vanishing Triangle cases when writing my Ireland-set crime series, and was shocked and horrified that they had never been solved, and that no one really knows about them outside of the country. I realised I had been a teenager growing up in Ireland at the time of the disappearances, but had no memory of hearing about them then. This has been a massive undertaking for me, a different way of writing, a story without an ending, real people with real suffering families. Audible has been hugely supportive and I really hope it will bring a greater spotlight to the ongoing tragedy of these unsolved cases."

McGowan also writes women’s fiction under the pseudonym Eva Woods.