Little Tiger acquires 'darkly comic' middle-grade series

Little Tiger acquires 'darkly comic' middle-grade series

Little Tiger Group will publish new middle-grade series by Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by George Ermos. 

Junior editor Mattie Whitehead bought world rights to Mort the Meek and a second book from Alice Williams at Alice Williams Literary. Illustrations are represented at The Bright Agency. Mort the Meek will publish in March 2021, with the sequel to follow in March 2022. 

Mort the Meek is a "wickedly wonderful" read. Set in fictional Brutalia, the series is about an aspiring pacifist in a brutal kingdom. Mort's struggle is made harder when the queen appoints him as Royal Executioner and no one has ever challenged the royals and lived to tell the tale. 

Delahaye said: "Mort the Meek is a wild tale of hope in the darkness (with funny bits), and I feel very lucky to have a publisher that shares the same vision and passion — not to mention the same sense of humour. The process of bringing it to life fizzed with creative fun. It's the perfect fit." 

Whitehead added: "Rachel's brilliant sense of humour and inspired world building come together in Mort the Meek to create a truly special adventure. With kindness at its heart, alongside plenty of silliness, the story is clever, dark, funny and sweet all at once."