Jo Fletcher snaps up Oyebanji’s 'Interstellar-style' SFF thriller

Jo Fletcher snaps up Oyebanji’s 'Interstellar-style' SFF thriller

Quercus has bought British barrister and counter-terrorist expert Adam Oyebanji’s UK debut, billed as an “exhilarating blending of hard science fiction and thriller”.  

Jo Fletcher Books, the publisher’s science fiction and fantasy imprint, has acquired Braking Day, “a riveting pager-turner for everyone who has looked up at the stars and dreamed of humanity’s journey to them or wondered what it might look when we get there”.  

Publisher Jo Fletcher acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in Braking Day from Stevie Finegan at Zeno Literary Agency on behalf of the JABberwocky Agency in New York.  

The synopsis reads: “Ravinder MacLeod was born on a generation-ship, one of tens of thousands descended from 'First Crew', who fled an AI-ravaged Earth more than 130 years ago to seek a new home. Against extreme odds, 'The Archimedes' and its two sister ships are finally nearing Destination World, and just in time, for they are falling apart at the seams. The convoy is about to face the final challenge: slowing down, except that not all the travellers want the journey to end. Events from the deep past are about to collide with the frantic present, leaving Ravi with an impossible choice: betray his shipmates and the entire mission or watch as the fleet tears itself apart.” 
Quercus said: “Set against a cosmic backdrop as vivid as Christopher Nolan’s 'Interstellar', Oyebanji’s Braking Day is an expert exhilarating blending of hard science fiction and thriller.” 

Oyebanji is a British barrister of Nigerian heritage, born in Scotland. He currently lives in Pittsburgh where he works in counter-terrorist financing, aiming to prevent the money pipelines that supply cash for weapons, narcotics and human trafficking. 

“This is ironic coming from a writer, but I lack the words to describe how delighted I am to have my UK debut published by Jo Fletcher," he said. "Jo Fletcher – both the person and the publishing house – is the perfect home for Braking Day. You don’t have to spend long with their list to see they value stories that are alive, expertly crafted and adventurous. I value Jo’s insight, energy and commitment to excellence, and am very much looking forward to what the future will bring.” 

Fletcher said: ‘Who doesn’t like a generation-ship saga? But when you have a unique cast of characters facing the highest of stakes, with a century-old mystery, eco-terrorists prepared to murder for their cause, this life-or-death terrifically exciting, twisty read will haunt you long after you have turned the last page. I am thrilled that Adam has decided to join the JFB family and I can’t wait to publish Braking Day."