Jo Brand to release 'guide to being female'

Jo Brand to release 'guide to being female'

John Murray Press has signed a part memoir, part advice manual from comedian Jo Brand to publish this October.

John Murray publisher Georgina Laycock bought world rights to Born Lippy: How To Do Female via Vivienne Clore.

The book is “packed with memorable anecdotes” from Brand’s life and career, coloured by her experiences as a psychiatric nurse, stand-up and working mother of two, the publisher said. The “guide to being female” will give advice on ‘what no one tells you about the female body’, ‘how not to fall in love (and other advice you’ll ignore)’, ‘feminism: a re-branding’ and ‘how to manage a bully’, among other subjects.

Brand said: “A century after women got the vote (albeit rich ones over the age of 28) it’s time to take stock of exactly what it means to be female today. And if there’s one thing we women are entitled to, it’s having a bloody good moan about things big and small – so see you on the barricades for a nice cuppa…”

Laycock added: “In the words of Jo Brand, ‘sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, sometimes it’s time to be a hard woman’. Now Jo has written the book for all those times… and it’s as frank, funny and unforgettable as she is.”

The title it set to publish on 18th October 2018, in time for the Christmas market.