'Missing' Icon Books founder rescued after fall

'Missing' Icon Books founder rescued after fall

Icon Books founder Peter Pugh was rescued on the Norfolk coast by police on Sunday (17th June), after going missing for 18 hours.

Pugh, 75, a keen walker and cyclist, had slipped and fallen after a walk on Brancaster Beach on Saturday afternoon.

Fifty people were involved in the search for Pugh, alongside a police helicopter, HM Coastguard and a lifeboat from Wells. It was only when a police drone was sent up that Pugh was spotted trapped up to his armpits in a muddy creek at Titchwell Marshes.

Sgt Alex Bucher from Norfolk Constabulary told the BBC: "There is no doubt that without the police drone we would not have been able to locate him in the time we did. The police drone allows us to search areas that are difficult to access and within close range where a helicopter may not be able to get."

Pugh is now recovering in hospital.

Felicity Pugh, Pugh's wife, said: "His rescue feels like a miracle – we were quite sure he had been washed out to sea. The police and the coastguards did a wonderful job, and Peter stayed alive because of them, and because he was so fit."

Icon Books m.d. Philip Cotterell said: "We are enormously grateful to the emergency services and hugely relieved that our indomitable owner is making a speedy recovery in hospital. Peter’s also an author, and we anticipate his next book will be a Fitness book for 70s and beyond – he certainly has the credentials."

Pugh founded Icon Books in 1992. He is now the chairman of the company. 

Pugh also writes company histories, including a three-volume history of Rolls-Royce of which Icon has sold over 70,000 copies, said the publisher.