HC to release '3D Audio' extract

HC to release '3D Audio' extract

HarperCollins has partnered with media and entertainment group Global to create one of the first "3D sound" book extracts to be recorded in binaural sound.

Using a section from the forthcoming Mills & Boon title A Royal Vow of Convenience by Sharon Kendrick, Global and HarperCollins have created an “intimate” and “immersive" audio experience that "will have listeners looking around them and behind them as they respond to what they have heard,” according to the publisher.

Binaural sound recording uses two microphones instead of one, capturing sound as a person would naturally hear it, enabling publishers to “put the listener at the heart of the story”.

HarperCollins group marketing director Naomi Gibney said: “Binaural sound technology is truly amazing, enabling content creators to put the listener at the heart of the story. The perfect marriage of technology, content and user insight means we can create ever-richer story-telling experiences and it’s been so much fun doing it with the ultimate romance brand.”

Jo McCrostie, creative director at Global, said: “As more and more people spend time listening to audio and the headphones market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, many advertisers have been quick to recognise the opportunity. Within that growing market, 3D audio is something quite unique, creating a more immersive and intimate listening experience. HarperCollins is among the first of our partners to tap into the power of 3D audio and it’s sure to have interesting results for A Royal Vow of Convenience as we dramatise an extract from the novel."

To promote it, HarperCollins is creating co-branded promotional content with Global that will run on Heart London from 21st to 27th November, supported by Heart Social Media and CRM. The 3D extract will be available on Heart.co.uk's lifestyle section.