Haynes pays tribute to founder John H Haynes with new biography

Haynes pays tribute to founder John H Haynes with new biography

Haynes Publishing is paying tribute to its late founder John H Haynes with a new biography in April. 

John Haynes: The Man Behind the Manuals will be released just a year after he passed away at the age of 80 following a short illness. The book features over 60 photos, along with anecdotes from friends and family. 

Its synopsis states: "The book tells of John’s life-long passion for cars and captures what truly drove him to succeed. The story begins with his childhood in Ceylon and his school days, before describing his zest for life as a young RAF officer. It then tells of his enduring partnership with wife Annette and the importance family played both in his personal and business life. This background provides the foundations to explain how John became the driving force behind the evolution and growth of the iconic Haynes brand and the Haynes International Motor Museum."

Jeremy Yates-Round, m.d. of Haynes Consumer, said: "This is the story of how one man’s vision and enthusiasm gave a small enterprise in rural Somerset a global footprint.  It tells how his passion really drove him to create a global, yet truly British company and brand. 

"We hope that his biography will appeal to motoring enthusiasts and a wider audience who will be intrigued by the story of the Haynes family and the business dynamics, led and overseen by John Haynes for 59 years."