Green Tree to publish 'unparalleled' guide to perimenopause

Green Tree to publish 'unparalleled' guide to perimenopause

Bloomsbury imprint Green Tree will publish Perimenopause Power by women’s health practitioner Maisie Hill. Hill's debut Period Power was published by Green Tree in 2019. 

Charlotte Croft, publisher, acquired world English language rights, including e-book, from Julia Silk at Kingsford Campbell. 

The synopsis reads: "In her new book, Maisie Hill turns her attention to the topic she is most asked about in her clinical work, the perimenopause. Three-quarters of women experience significant symptoms, but there is little in the way of evidence-based information out there and those who ask for help are often met with ‘that’s just how it is’. Perimenopause Power guides you through the physiological changes of the dreaded ‘change’ step by step, whilst offering information on how to remedy troublesome symptoms, understand the most effective treatments and more than that, gain invaluable insights into making it a positive and powerful experience to be embraced."

The March 2021 publication will be accompanied by a "widespread and impactful" publicity and marketing campaign, says the publisher. 

Croft said: "It is no exaggeration to say that Period Power changed many people’s lives and I know Perimenopause Power will do the same. Maisie’s wise, fully up-to-date guide in her inimitable, no-nonsense style is the must-read for all of us who will ever go through the perimenopause — a time we are little prepared for and little educated about. This book has the ability to change our experience and beliefs about the perimenopause forever. We’re ecstatic to be welcoming Maisie back to Green Tree."

Hill commented: "Following the success of Period Power, I received countless messages from people asking 'what happens next?' and I'm thrilled to say that Bloomsbury agreed this was a vital question I needed to answer. What happens during perimenopause is a conversation we all need to be having to dispel the confusion, misinformation and shame that surrounds it. I'm proud to be working with Bloomsbury again in the knowledge that they truly believe in the importance of perimenopause education too."