Goulding's 'empowering' non-fiction debut to Seven Dials

Goulding's 'empowering' non-fiction debut to Seven Dials

Seven Dials has acquired the non-fiction debut of pop star and fitness role model Ellie Goulding at auction. 

Vicky Eribo, publishing director, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to Fitter. Calmer. Stronger. from Matilda Forbes Watson at WME and Ben Mawson at Tap Management. Seven Dials will publish in trade paperback, e-book and audiobook on 2nd September 2021.

Goulding's book is described as "a practical guide to becoming the brightest, strongest version of yourself you can be". According to the publisher, it is based around prioritising self-care and flexibility, and "approaching wellness from a perspective that is real and sustainable; an approach that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve failed and, most importantly, allows room for fun and creativity".

It contains recipes, branded "delicious" and "nutritious", but also draws on her own personal experiences and struggles, and the advice of friends and experts she has relied on, to provide readers with "a balanced mix of tools and techniques they can implement every day to improve their physical and mental health".

Eribo said: "Health and fitness is a way of life for Ellie and she has been inspiring fans for years with her passion for boxing and running, and her honest accounts of her training. From the very beginning of our conversations Ellie was clear that she didn’t want to write a prescriptive plan or to make promises about a quick-fix solution. Instead, with this book, she will share her personal experiences and advice, and empower readers to change the way they think about their physical and mental health in a sustainable way. It’s positive, inspiring, and completely authentic – no one is better placed to write this book and we couldn’t be more excited to publish it."

Goulding said: "After years of touring, late nights, and saying yes to every opportunity, over the past few years I had the chance to pause and check in with myself, and realised that both physically and mentally I had so much more potential, if I just looked after myself better. This is true for you too. Not only can you help yourself feel healthier and stronger day to day, you can also protect yourself for the future.

"My music and writing will always be a long journey – with lots of questions – but my pursuit of wellness is far more rational, and it’s something I wanted to get right. Drawing on tools and techniques from some of the wellness experts I have worked with, this book will guide you through all the ways I have upgraded my health. In this time of strange uncertainty, living-room workouts, and feeling understandably more health conscious than ever before, it has never been more important to look after yourself, mentally and physically. I am so excited to share my health journey with readers."