Welsh presses Y Lolfa and Atebol buy Gomer's publishing arm

Welsh presses Y Lolfa and Atebol buy Gomer's publishing arm

Welsh presses Y Lolfa and Atebol have purchased the publishing arm of Gomer, a bookselling company that discontinued as a publisher in 2019.

The companies have taken over the former press' backlist of more than 2,500 titles, with some dating back to 1946. Both the publishers are based in the Ceredigion region village of Talybont. 

Now under new management, Gomer will focus on the printing department which employs 56 people. Atebolhas purchased all its children's and educational books, while Y Lolfa has bought the adult content and most of the original fiction for children. The books will be printed in both English and Welsh. 

Garmon Gruffudd, m.d. of Y Lolfa, said: "It is a great privilege and responsibility for us to house such a wide, rich and culturally important catalogue. We will do our utmost to protect the collection and ensure that the wealth of books published by Gomer will be available for enjoyment by future generations.”

Owain Saunders-Jones, m.d. of Atebol, added: “There is a strong publishing industry here in Ceredigion, which is also an important part of the creative sector in Wales. This is a sector that offers opportunities for everyone as well as providing local employment. We are proud to have been able to work with Gomer and Y Lolfa to ensure the continuation of the rich treasure trove of Gomer publications for the future that are as much a part of our cultural heritage as Welsh people.”

Jonathan Lewis, Gomer's m.d., said: "I would like to thank all our authors, editors and designers, the Books Council of Wales and everyone for their support over the decades, and at the same time wish Atebol and Y Lolfa every success in this venture."