Gollancz scoops Abercrombie's trilogy in 'significant' deal

Gollancz scoops Abercrombie's trilogy in 'significant' deal

Gollancz has acquired “an exceptional” new trilogy from award-winning author Joe Abercrombie with the first in the series, A Little Hatred, publishing in September 2019.

Gillian Redfearn, publishing director of the science fiction and fantasy imprint of the Orion group, closed the “significant” deal with Robert Kirby, of United Agents, for world rights 13 years after she bought Abercrombie's debut.

Described by the publisher as “Les Miserables meets Game of Thrones”, it is billed as “a landmark trilogy from one of the best and brightest fantasy writers working today”.

“A return to his bestselling First Law universe, the trilogy combines sharp new characters with familiar faces from the original trilogy, which has sold more than five million copies to date,” an Orion spokesperson said. “Written with flair and originality, this new series offers a gripping take on the industrial revolution, the power of money and the visceral dangers of politics when being stabbed in the back is a far from metaphorical experience.”

Already sold in six territories, including to Orbit US and German publisher Heyne, the publication of the first novel in the series, A Little Hatred, in September 2019 “will be a sensation for readers of fantasy and historical novels alike”, Orion said though the series itself is believed to be currently untitled.

Abercrombie has previously been published by Gollancz as well as HarperVoyager in the UK.

The Bath-based author said: “Often in publishing there’s a pressure to push out the next book as soon as possible.  With a series that can mean a lot of compromises. Gollancz have given me the time and support to draft a whole trilogy in one go, to write the end along with the start, which means the whole thing is as tight and cohesive as I can make it. It means a wait for the first book, but then regular, well-planned releases of the other two on the timetable that best suits them.

“The aim with this trilogy was to take the recipe for fantasy I’ve been developing over the twelve years since The Blade Itself was published - a tight focus on vivid characters caught up in crunching action, twisty plotting, and a dark and gritty world with plenty of gallows humour along the way - and push it in a more original, more industrial direction.”

Redfearn said: “A Joe Abercrombie novel is always something special – but this trilogy is jaw-droppingly good. Visceral, powerful and compelling from the first page, Joe is once again taking the fantasy genre into new imaginative spaces – and taking on the industrial revolution in the process. This is epic in scope, fast-paced and brilliantly executed; an unmissable new series from an exceptionally talented writer.”

Redfearn acquired the writer's first series, The First Law trilogy, in 2005 "Following a heart-breaking trail of rejection", according to Abercrombie's website

Abercrombie is a winner of a Locus award and shortlisted for the World Fantasy and John W Campbell Awards.