Frances Lincoln signs Kickstarter-funded body positivity guide

Frances Lincoln signs Kickstarter-funded body positivity guide

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books has picked up an empowering body positivity guide for girls by Australian student Jessica Sanders, initially funded through Kickstarter.

Katie Cotton, publisher of the Quarto imprint, acquired UK, USA and Canada rights for Love Your Body from commercial director Tash Besliev at Australian publisher Five Mile. It will be published across those territories in April 2020.

The book was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in Australia last year, raising over AUD$27,000. Since then, rights have been sold in 25 countries.

It is written by Sanders and illustrated by Carol Rossetti, showing diverse characters celebrating their bodies. So-called ‘imperfections’ such as stretch marks, pimples and cellulite are shown in order to normalise often unportrayed characteristics.

Cotton said: “Love Your Body is a perfect fit for our list. Its warmth and honesty are exactly what young girls (and some older ones, too!) need to navigate today’s world. We are so proud and excited to help bring this powerful book to market.”

Sanders added: “I’ve always tried to build up the women around me; to help them realise that they can do and be anything they want. The body positive ethos and online community helped me a great deal on my own journey to self-acceptance. This book is my attempt to make these concepts accessible to girls all over the world.”