Foyles launches first library in retirement home

Foyles launches first library in retirement home

Foyles has launched its first specially curated library in a retirement home, as part of its partnership with property developer Elysian. 

Broadcaster Trevor McDonald opened the library at Elysian’s retirement village Landsby in Stanmore, London. 

Curated by Foyles, the library offers a number of sections covering biographies, novels, classics, gardening, travel, sports and children’s books for the homeowners’ children with more than 750 books. The library will be updated according to the interested of residents, with Foyles’ Barbara Berezowska, Helen Vines & Hannah Hallard, continually curating the offer. 

New books can be ordered from Foyles via the Landsby’s concierge. Landsby homeowners will be able to either browse and read books in the library or adjoining bar, or in the privacy of their home. Landsby residents can also benefit from Foyles’ order-on-request service providing access to specialist foreign language books, music recordings and DVDs.  

The Elysian library collaboration marks the first time that Foyles have curated a private library. Foyles and Elysian will develop further Foyles libraries at new developments in Hampstead and Tunbridge Wells, with book loaning across the three sites planned. 

At the launch homeowners, Elysian directors and guests and Foyles staff joined McDonald, who highlighted the importance of libraries in today’s modern age and spoke about his autobiography, An Improbable Life (W&N), a copy of which was added to the library  

Foyles general manager Stephen Clarke said: “At the Landsby we have drawn on our bookselling expertise and extensive range to curate a library designed to inspire, inform and delight, situated in stunning surroundings. We look forward to offering Elysian homeowners a service of the same high standard to which we hold each of our bookshops.”