Ebury sweeps in for Met Office weather guide

Ebury sweeps in for Met Office weather guide

Ebury Press has swept in for “the ultimate guide to our glorious weather” by the Met Office.

Editorial director Emma Smith acquired world all language rights for Very British Weather: Over 365 Hidden Wonders from the World’s Greatest Forecasters direct from the organisation, for publication on 15th October.

The synopsis states: “From Foggy and Freezing to Scorching and Stormy, join the ultimate weather adventure through the great British seasons and uncover the extraordinary in every single day. Pore over beautiful cloudscapes, learn the secrets of sunsets, discover freak weather and fog bows, and why forecasting was so important in British history, from D-Day to the Great Fire of London. Perfect for rainy days in or cloudspotting on the go, the Met Office share the best of almost 170 years of forecasting in this beautifully illustrated book. Packed with mythbusting, top trivia, stunning visuals and archive gems, shooting the breeze has never been so interesting!"

Smith said: “I am in awe of the meticulous research and endless enthusiasm that the Met Office have delivered to create such an entertaining, fascinating and beautiful book that will satisfy our weather-obsessed nation (and at a time when it is more important than ever to understand the climate). It’s sure to delight trivia fans, weather watchers and those who want to know more about the ever-changing world outside our windows. And let’s face it, we could all do with some small talk boosts this year!”

Met Office c.e.o. Penny Endersby said: “At the Met Office we live and breathe the weather of the UK. From the first forecast by FitzRoy in 1861, to our supercomputer generated weather forecasts of the present day, our curiosity and drive to understand and better predict the British weather has helped keep people safe and allowed them to thrive. We are the trusted voice of weather and climate the world over and we’re delighted to share our knowledge and expertise of the weird and wonderful weather on our islands, to help you enjoy and understand our Very British Weather.”