Dylan Thomas prize picks 14

<p>A longlist of 14 books has been revealed for this year&#39;s Dylan Thomas literary prize. The biennial &pound;60,000 prize is one of the largest literary awards and recognises work by English language writers under 30 from around the world. </p><p>The list includes authors from Dylan&#39;s native South Wales, Zoe Brigley (<em>The Secret</em>) and Joe Dunthorne (<em>Submarine</em>), as well as from the rest of the UK, South Africa, Kenya, the US and Iran. </p><p>Caroline Bird, who is nominated for her second poetry collection, <em>Trouble Came to the Turnip</em>, is the youngest writer on the list at 21. </p><p>The longlist was announced in the late poet&#39;s home city of Swansea by actor Michael Sheen, and the winner is revealed in November. </p><p><strong>THE LONGLIST IN FULL:</strong></p><p>Ross Raisin&#39;s <em>God&#39;s Own Country</em><br />Joe Dunthorne&#39;s <em>Submarine</em><br />Ceridwen Dovey&#39;s <em>Blood Kin</em><br />Susan Barker&#39;s <em>The Orientalist and the Ghost</em><br />Priya Basil&#39;s <em>Ishq and Mushq</em><br />Edward Hogan&#39;s <em>Blackmoor</em><br />Ben Dolnick&#39;s <em>Zoology</em><br />Susan Fletcher&#39;s <em>Oystercatchers</em><br />Adam Green&#39;s <em>Satsuma Sun Mover</em><br />Kei Miller&#39;s <em>There is an Anger that Moves</em><br />Caroline Bird&#39;s <em>Trouble Came to the Turnip</em><br />Zoe Brigley&#39;s <em>The Secret</em><br />Porochista Khakpour&#39;s <em>Sons and Other Flammable Objects</em><br />Nan Le&#39;s <em>The Boat</em><br />Karen Russell&#39;s <em>St Lucy&#39;s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves<br /></em>Dinaw Mengestu&#39;s <em>Children of the Revolution</em></p>