Dorries e-book priced at 20p

Dorries e-book priced at 20p

The 20p e-book sale price has made a return to the top of the Amazon Kindle Chart with Nadine Dorries’ book The Four Streets (Head of Zeus).

The Conservative MP’s first book of a trilogy set in 1950s Liverpool around Irish Catholic families struggling against poverty, hardship and abuse has been in the Kindle top 100 chart for 23 days now and in the number one position for the last two.

It marks a return to the low selling price point for digital books which first sparked furor last year, with the trade voicing concern about its long term impact on publishers, authors and other retailers.

The Bookseller understands that Amazon’s rival retailer Nook first priced The Four Streets at 20p, which Amazon then price-matched. However, Amazon has continued to sell the e-book at that price for some weeks after Nook ended its 20p promotion. The r.r.p for the print book is £10.00.

Nic Cheetham, digital publisher at the Head of Zeus, said the publisher had not priced the digital book at 20p. However, he said: “I am not bothered by the price. I do not believe there is a right price or a wrong price for a piece of literature. To say a book should be sold at £7.99 or £2.99 when that book is going to bring hours and hours of pleasure to the reader, they are both low prices in that respect.”

Head of Zeus has Kindle books in the chart at positions one, four (Dani Atkins, Fractured) and six (Colleen McCullough, The Song of Troy) at the moment. He said the secret to digital success in the charts was “a blend of good books, good publishing and a good price. As you know there are plenty of cheap digital books for sale and an awful lot of them don’t even make the top 100.” Cheetham also said the cover was also important for digital success.