DK to publish self-development book by TikTok exec

DK to publish self-development book by TikTok exec

DK has acquired What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? Discover a Life Filled with Purpose and Joy Through the Secrets of Jewish Wisdom, the debut book by leadership development coach Michal Oshman.

Senior acquisitions editor Stephanie Milner acquired world rights, excluding Portuguese and Hebrew, from Rory Scarfe at The Blair Partnership. The book will be published on 6th May 2021. 

Oshman is head of company culture, diversity and inclusion at TikTok Europe and a former international leadership and team development staffer at Facebook. As an executive coach and mentor to leaders in top global tech companies, Oshman created a "unique personal growth methodology" based on the life-changing wisdom she found in Jewish principles. In What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?, Oshman will unveil the secrets of this wisdom for living a purposeful, successful and joyful life, says the publisher. 

Oshman will draw on her personal heritage and a wide range of Chassidut (Jewish teachings) to offer practical advice for common concerns, such as healing a broken heart, parenting, overcoming setbacks and getting the most out of your career. In 10 chapters that explore 10 key principles, readers will be encouraged to become fearless and confident, at home and at work. 

Milner said: "There has never been a better time to publish this book, which explores the rich cultural heritage of the Jewish faith as a means for self-development. You do not need to be Jewish to appreciate the phenomenal advice Michal Oshman has to offer, and working with her on this book has challenged me to look at my own view of the world. Michal is as kind and generous in her writing as she is in person. She encourages everyone to be more understanding, more sympathetic to one another, and to accept that we as humans are destined to collaborate, to make space for emotion, and to find ways to be more authentically ourselves."

Oshman commented: "This book is my mission. I just had to write it to allow others access to the life-changing wisdom of some mostly unknown Jewish principles. You do not have to be Jewish (or religious at all) to apply the Torah’s secrets for creating a meaningful and successful life. I have implemented these principles as a mother of four that suffered with anxiety most of her life, and as a leadership development consultant and coach to hundreds of leaders, and saw great success in both worlds."