Dialogue Books' Black, Listed to 'explode myths and examine truths'

Dialogue Books' Black, Listed to 'explode myths and examine truths'

Dialogue Books is set to release a title examining over 60 words to describe black men and women, many of them "hugely contentious". 

Black, Listed by Jeffrey Boakye promises "a thought-provoking inspirational call-to-arms" and follows the success of Boakye's Hold Tight - Black Masculinity, Millennials & the Meaning of Grime (Influx Press).

Sharmaine Lovegrove, publisher at new Little, Brown imprint Dialogue Books, who acquired UK and Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from Sarah Such of Sarah Such Literary Agency, said she was proud the project would explore the culture of Black identity and "explode myths and examine truths". 

"Since reading Jeffrey’s first book Hold Tight I have been excited by his voice and particularly how he is able to draw you into a subject with erudite passion," she said. "I am proud and honoured to be publishing Black, Listed and to have this unique opportunity to explore the culture of Black identity, explode myths and examine truths. The book will look at the fact that we have lived in Britain for generations and investigate the range of effects of being othered, celebrated and mimicked. In Jeffrey’s hands readers will have better understanding of what society feels like when you are defined by the colour of your skin and the birthplace of your parents. Black, Listed is perfectly placed on the Dialogue Books list."

Boakye said he couldn't wait to see what people will make of the book, which he described as "a deep exploration of black identity, discussing what it means to be black through the labels we use for ourselves and the labels that are used by others" and "a journey through the woods of world history, race theory, and popular culture".

"This is an important book that will be as exciting to read as it has been to write, so far. I can't wait to work with Sharmaine and the Dialogue team to push the project towards its fullest potential. It's a genuine privilege to be part of a team so committed to getting new voices out there and leading the evolution of inclusive publishing," he added.  

Black, Listed will publish in hardback on 4th April 2019.