Dan Snow history book out in time for Christmas

Dan Snow history book out in time for Christmas

BAFTA-winning broadcaster and television presenter Dan Snow is publishing On This Day in History with John Murray Press. 

Georgina Laycock at John Murray Press acquired world rights from Caroline Dawnay at United Agents to publish the historian's new work in hardback in November. 

Snow's "History Hit" podcast has been downloaded a million times a month and he has recently launched HistoryHit.TV, described by Forbes magazine as "the Netflix for History". He has also presented shows such as "The Vikings Uncovered", "Operation Gold Rush", "1066: A Year to Conquer England", and "D-Day: The Last Heroes", and has a regular slot on the "One Show" on BBC1. 

In On This Day in History, he will bring to life a key event that happened on each day of the year. Some are famous – from Julius Caesar fatally ignoring a soothsayer’s warning about 15th March to how World War II actually ended (D-Day) – and others more surprising – from Ada Lovelace’s meeting in 1833 which led to the invention of the computer, or the Great Beer Flood of 1814 that killed eight people.

Laycock said Snow's human history of the world would make the ideal Christmas gift. "This is the book I’ve been longing for Dan to write– an eye-opening and highly entertaining direct leap into the most important turning points of our past," she said. "And he’s such a great storyteller too. On This Day In History will be the thinking person’s gift of choice this Christmas."

Snow is going on a History Hit tour this summer (2nd June -11th July) where he will be asking the crowds which day or historical event they think particularly deserves to make it into On This Day in History. 

John Murray Press will publish on 15th November 2018 in hardback.