Comma Press launches podcast

Comma Press launches podcast

Indie publisher Comma Press has launched the first series of The Comma Press Podcast to coincide with the anniversary of the Section 28 march in Manchester.

The Manchester-based indie says the podcast has been created “to allow greater and deeper discussion into the stories we publish; whether that story is taken from one of our interdisciplinary collections, which involve authors working with scientists, historians, philosophers or crowd scientists, or whether we discuss one of our translated commissions from several countries across the globe.” 

Series one will focus on Comma’s bestselling Protest: Stories of Resistance anthology and episodes feature the author and their historical consultant from the collection, alongside a third guest who will be connected to the cause or movement, either directly, or in a more contemporary way, and will be hosted by a Comma editor. 

The subject of the launch episode will be LGBT rights, the Section 28 march which was a push back against the law that forbade the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality enforced in 1988, gay culture in Manchester, UK and how this has changed over the last few decades. The episode went live on the 31st anniversary of the march, which saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Manchester on 20th February 1988 to protest against the Section 28 law.

Episode one, Never Going Underground with Juliet Jacques, Em Temple-Malt and Louise Wallwein, is available now on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Soundcloud.