Colouring is now cool for cats

Colouring is now cool for cats

Publishers and retailers are predicting a new trend in books for the summer - colouring books for creative pets.

Editors at Michael O’Mara, Macmillan and Laurence King Publishing have said that they see books for furry friends being “the next big thing” in publishing.

Mog Walker at Michael O’Mara, which is publishing Colouring for Cats, said that the new trend “perfectly combined the nation’s obsession with both colouring books and animals”, adding: “We’ve had a great reception from pet owners we have approached about the idea. They have all complained at how few creative outlets pets have nowadays.”

The book comes complete with coloured pencils with an attachment that enables owners to fasten the pencils to their pets’ paws.

Macmillan’s Daz Schond said that the publisher was considering expanding to a full range of animal craft books depending on the success of forthcoming title, Pencils and Paws, including a painting book. “We’ve been in consultation with the RSPCA and we are very excited for these new books. It’s become clear that household pets can benefit from creative wellness activities just as much as humans. Perhaps Grumpy Cat wouldn’t have been so grumpy if he had a colouring book to cheer him up.”

Foyles’ Jenny Parrot told The Bookseller that there could be a big market for the animal-friendly books. “We’ve had quite a few customers coming in and saying that their pets are stressed out and depressed, and asking if we can recommend any books to help, so I think these sort of animal activity books could go down really well.”

Some publishers, however, are not convinced that the trend will catch on. “I’m quite skeptical about how much good these books will do,” Profile’s Harry Al-Sayshun said. “Maybe there is a secret moggy Monet out there, but I doubt it. Animals should be outside, not cooped up indoors doing arts and crafts.“