Chetna Makan's third book to Mitchell Beazley

Chetna Makan's third book to Mitchell Beazley

Mitchell Beazley has acquired Chetna’s Healthy Indian, the third book from Chetna Makan, one of the Great British Bake Off 2014 semi-finalists.

Maka has also published with Mitchell Beazley The Cardamom Trail (2016), celebrating baking with Indian flavours, and Chai, Chaat & Chutney (2017), a street food journey through India.

Her new book focuses on healthy and convenient home cooking, sharing straightforward methods involving very few ingredients to produce "crowd-pleasing flavours, nourishment and comfort". Recipes include Onion & whole spice chicken curry, Tandoori pan-fried sea bream, Paneer & cavalo nero saag and Baked cardamom & pistachio yogurt pot.

In the process Makan will show there's more to Indian food than stereotypes would suggest. "Many people still think of Indian food as unhealthy takeaways or elaborate tedious recipes to prepare," said Makan. "I want to show that everyday Indian food, as I cook in my own kitchen, can be extremely delicious while being easy to prepare and healthy."

Eleanor Maxfield, editorial director at Octopus, acquired world rights directly from Chetna Makan. Chetna’s Healthy Indian will be published on 31st January 2019 as a £20 hardback.