Canongate grabs rights to Winterson's lecture on gender inequality

Canongate grabs rights to Winterson's lecture on gender inequality

Canongate will this November publish Jeanette Winterson’s lecture on gender inequality, given at The Houses of Parliament in June and broadcast on BBC One.

In Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere, Winterson’s Richard Dimbleby Lecture, the author dicussed recent campaigns promoting and demanding rights for women and explored what can be learnt from the Suffragette movement a century ago.

She said: “Courage calls to courage everywhere was the slogan of the suffragists who wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Women are still fighting for equality everywhere in the world – including the free world. As we time-travel back 100 years to see what women have achieved in such a short time, we need to consider the future too.”

Canongate c.e.o. Jamie Byng acquired UK and Commonwealth volume, e-book and audio rights from Caroline Michel at Peters Fraser and Dunlop and will publish Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere in hardback in November 2018.

“Jeanette Winterson is one of this country’s great writers, an author who can turn her dexterous hands to a dazzling array of subjects and consistently produce works that are as original as they are thought-provoking,” said Byng. “So we are truly delighted to be publishing her latest creation, the brilliant lecture she delivered last month to mark the centenary of women getting the vote. Witty, wise, incisive, and inspiring, Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere is a powerful reminder of the need for everyone to recognise the huge strides made these last hundred years and the huge imbalances that remain in modern society.”

Rights have also been sold to Elisabeth Schmitz at Grove Atlantic in the US.