'Scottish hygge' to be the new trend, says B&W Publishing

'Scottish hygge' to be the new trend, says B&W Publishing

Black & White Publishing has claimed to have signed the first book on "Scottish hygge".

Coorie (or còsagach in Gaelic) is the Scottish word to describe being snug or cosy and "the essence of Scottishness", according to the publisher.

The hardback title,The Book of Coorie, authored by Times journalist Gabriella Bennett, will explore what coorie is and how it has helped nurture creativity in Scotland "despite an often harsh and unforgiving climate".

Elements it covers includes: Scottishness and coorie through homes and interior; traditions and the legacy of the bothies and fisherman's cottages; the art of slowing down and appreciating what we have around us; and how to use the best of all things Scottish to make our lives better.

Bennett, a journalist based in Glasgow who has written for the Times about Scottish property and interiors, said: "Writing about Scotland's most exciting spaces, landscapes and makers over the past seven years has allowed me to look at the country with fresh eyes. It became clear to me that while we've long enjoyed lifestyle trends from other countries it has been more difficult to identify a movement of our own. Research for this book has taken me to Scotland's most remote fringes and back to the cities in pursuit of cosiness. What I found tells a story of how inspiration for living can be found in all kinds of places. I'm really excited to share my findings with readers."

Managing director at Black & White Publishing, Campbell Brown, acquired world rights to the book. He said: "Over the last few years we've had all sorts of fascinating ideas imported from around the world, but coorie is our very own way of being, the essence of Scottishness and the best of our way of life. We export some of the finest produce in the world, from whisky to salmon, and The Book of Coorie will show both ourselves and the rest of the world the very best of Scotland and how we can use this to make life the best it can be."

The title will be published in September 2018.