Boris Johnson spoof teenage diary scooped by Quercus

Boris Johnson spoof teenage diary scooped by Quercus

Quercus will publish the spoof teenage diary of “thatch-headed wasteman” and favourite to be the next Prime Minister Boris Johnson from comedy writer Lucien Young.

Editorial director Jane Sturrock bought world rights direct from the author for The Secret Diary of Boris Johnson Aged 13¼, to be published on 17th October.

Johnson is expected to be announced as Britain’s new Prime Minister this morning (23rd July) and the book will reveal the inner workings of his mind at Eton College.

The publisher explained: “In addition to diary entries, the book will also feature young Boris’ literary endeavours through poems, essays, and even portions of a sci-fi novel. These will reflect the defining moments of his life, but especially his bitter rivalry with schoolmate David Cameron.”

Young has worked on an array of TV shows including BBC Three's “Siblings” and “Murder in Successville”. His previous books include The Secret Diary of Jeremy Corbyn (Ebury).

He said: “Like the vast majority of people in this country, I had no say in choosing our new PM. Fortunately, I had the next best thing, which is a chance to mock his insanely privileged schooldays in book form. I hope fellow denizens of BoJo’s Britain enjoy my account of the thatch-headed wasteman — the main challenge has been to come up with something more ludicrous than reality.”

Sturrock added: “Lucien’s reimagining of teenage Boris is hilarious. I hope this will cheer some people up.”