BookBub launches in the UK

BookBub launches in the UK

US-based BookBub, the daily deal site for e-books, has launched in the UK.

Publishers and authors can submit price promotion ideas for titles to BookBub, which reviews and chooses which books to feature in its daily emails.

Deals include offering books for free, or at discounted rates.

From today (24th September) those using BookBub will be able to say if they want their title featured in deal emails to UK members as well as the US, for which they will be charged the usual US listing price plus an extra 5%.

BookBub co-founder and c.e.o. Josh Schanker said in May () that the company’s goal was to expand internationally.

In an announcement about the expansion to the UK, BookBub said: “With a fast-growing e-book market and a ton of demand from both our partners and subscribers, the UK was a natural first step, so we recently began offering British readers the option to sign up to BookBub.

“The initial response has been very encouraging — in fact, our user base has grown to over 100,000 members in just the past few months, and we expect it to continue growing rapidly in the weeks to come.”

Prices for listings differ depending on the genre of the book and the type of offer. The cheapest listing of $40 is to offer a book of “African-American interest” for free.

BookBub said: “We can’t wait to get your books into the hands of our neighbors (or neighbours?) across the pond!”