The Book Depository plots e-book store with free giveaway

<p>The Book Depository is to give away more than 11,000 book titles for free download so it can give its customers an opportunity to &quot;try ebooks all at no risk and free of charge&quot;. The move will lead the way for the launch of a full-fledged e-book store.</p><p>Kieron Smith, managing director, said that The Book Depository would be launching its own e-book store over the next couple of months. He added that development was &quot;already underway&quot;, but the free e-books would allow readers to &quot;experiment&quot;.</p><p>&quot;There are no hoops to go through, you don&#39;t have to give your details, you can just have a bit of a play,&quot; said Smith. &quot;E-books are much talked about at the moment but difficult for people to try, this gives people a chance to experiment, read something new and try ebooks all at no risk and free of charge.&quot;</p><p>The books, which include <em>Robinson Crusoe</em> through to forgotten titles such as <em>British Goblins</em>, are available to download as PDFs, and are published by The Book Depository&#39;s own imprint Dodo Press. which reissues up to 200 classic titles every week.</p><p>The e-books can be accessed from today (18th November) from <a href="" target="_blank" title=""></a>.&nbsp;</p>