Bonnier Group appoints Stina Andersson as c.e.o.

Bonnier Group appoints Stina Andersson as c.e.o.

Stina Andersson has been named as the new c.e.o. of Bonnier Group, the parent company of Bonnier Books UK. 

Currently chief operating officer at trade and service businesses giant Axel Johnson, she previously worked as strategy and business development manager at European telecommunications operator Tele2, and with investments and strategy at private equity firm Kinnevik. In both companies, she was part of the group management team. At the beginning of her career, Andersson was a management consultant at McKinsey, a global management consultancy.

“Stina has solid experience of investment operations and business development in a number of large and successful companies," said Bengt Braun, chairman of the board of Bonnier Group. “She has also worked in both Stock Exchange and family business environments. Her background fits hand in glove in our new structure of an investment company character and with the group's now historically strong financial situation that enables new investments. I am very happy to be able to welcome Stina to us.”

Commenting on her new role, Andersson said: “I am really looking forward to being a part of Bonnier. Bonnier has a strong foundation of values ​​in free speech and an important democratic mission. The group is a leader in many industries and has many companies with an exciting development that I look forward to being a part of. My focus will otherwise be investments and acquisitions where we want to establish Bonnier in some new areas with good growth potential."

Braun has declined re-election after 32 years on the parent company's board. Erik Haegerstrand, current c.e.o. of Bonnier Group, will be proposed as the new chairman of the board. He has held the position of c.e.o. since 2013.

"The group's earnings have improved significantly in recent years, which together with a strong balance sheet provides the conditions for acting aggressively," Haegerstrand said. "The decentralised way of working has contributed to both better profitability and quick decisions."

Andersson will take up her position on 1st September, while Braun and Haegerstrand will remain in their current roles until then.