Bonnier Books to feature killer recordings in audiobook

Bonnier Books to feature killer recordings in audiobook

Bonnier Books UK will feature recordings of convicted killers in an audiobook of true crime bestseller Talking with Serial Killers: The World’s Most Evil.

In a “truly immersive, chilling and memorable” industry first, the audiobook will feature chilling extracts of the convicts talking from death row and will be available from November.

Bonnier Books UK has licensed the audio extracts directly from the owners and distributors of The Serial Killers (Finadin Ltd and Zia Film Distribution), a 13 episode series available on Amazon Prime.

The extracts were recorded during author and criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee’s original interviews in the 1990s. Over 216,000 copies of Talking with Serial Killers have been sold since its publication by Bonnier Books imprint John Blake in 2003.

The audiobook will feature interviews with serial killers as well as police and key members of the prosecution and offer insight on “the most diabolical minds in the world”, according to the publisher.

Bonnier Books UK Head of Audio Jon Watt said: “When Talking with Serial Killers was first published 15 years ago it was a pioneer in the true crime genre; taking readers into the minds of the criminals in their own words and providing a level of authenticity that was new and exciting — it’s been a consistent bestseller ever since. This November we’re proud to add to the success story of this book with an equally trailblazing audiobook. Through this innovative collaboration with Finadin and Zia Films, we’re able to include rare audio extracts of the felons talking from death row, creating what promises to be a truly immersive, chilling and memorable audio experience.”

Zia Film Distribution President Bobbi Valentine added: “‘It has been very exciting to collaborate with Bonnier Books UK in creating this unique audiobook production. It was over 25 years ago when the TV series The Serial Killers was first released, but these chilling stories and interviews still resonate today and we’re delighted that new audiences can continue to enjoy series, the book and the audiobook.”