Bloomsbury Sigma acquires Ploszajski’s handmade debut

Bloomsbury Sigma acquires Ploszajski’s handmade debut

Bloomsbury Sigma has acquired Anna Ploszajski’s debut book Handmade: A Scientist’s Search for Meaning through Making.

Jim Martin, publisher at the popular science imprint of Bloomsbury, acquired UK Commonwealth rights from Laura Macdougall at United Agents.

 Martin said: “Anna Ploszajski has forged a cast-iron reputation in pop-science circles, sharing her wonder at the metals, plastics, ceramics, glasses and composites that make up the modern world, and we are absolutely delighted to have secured her first book for Bloomsbury Sigma. I can’t wait to see what she creates, both in the workshop and with the pen.”

The book is a first-hand exploration into the world of craftsmanship, and the science behind materials.

Dr Ploszajski is a materials scientist, and current research fellow at UCL.

She said: “I'm truly delighted to be working with Bloomsbury Sigma on this project. As a materials scientist, I've drawn a lot of graphs and I've memorised all the equations, but ask me to forge an iron bar or throw a clay pot on a spinning wheel and you'll quickly discover that it's all just academic.

"The blacksmiths, the potters, the stonemasons and the carpenters are the real experts when it comes to actually making our world. In this book, I've gone on a journey of discovery to get my hands dirty with materials, and learn from the master makers themselves.”

The book will be available in hardback in May 2021.