Bloomsbury’s Casimir leaves to head up Maths publisher

Bloomsbury’s Casimir leaves to head up Maths publisher

Martin Casimir, managing director at Bloomsbury Professional, has left the company to work at UK-based Singapore maths publisher Maths - No Problem! as managing director.

Casimir worked at Bloomsbury Professional for six years and has nearly 30 years’ publishing experience, working for companies including Pearson.

He said: "I’m here to take Maths – No Problem! to the next stage. I have form as a ‘disrupter’. Some of the biggest players have followed us into the maths mastery market, but we’re the first and passionately believe we are the best and look forward to the competition."

According to the publishers, Singapore "consistently tops the international benchmarking studies for maths teaching" with an approach that "teaches children to become fluent in mathematics and solve problems without the need for rote learning". This means that pupils "learn to think mathematically rather than reciting formulas they don’t understand".

Casimir continued: "Working in partnership with primary school teachers, as we do, is the way to break the cycle of under-achievement in maths. If we turn youngsters into maths enthusiasts right at the start of their education, they carry this into secondary school and beyond."

The publisher was founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Andy Psarianos and Dr. Anne Hermanson.