Bloomsbury reveals 40-year history of the Labour Party

Bloomsbury reveals 40-year history of the Labour Party

Bloomsbury Reader is publishing a new book by David Kogan about battles for supremacy within the Labour Party, coinciding with the opening of the Labour Party annual conference this weekend in Liverpool.

Stephanie Duncan, publisher of the Bloomsbury Reader imprint, acquired world all language rights in Protest and Power, a book billed as "the definitive chronicle and analysis of the rise, fall and rise again of the left in the Labour movement".

According to Bloomsbury, it will provide "crucial analysis" of Labour's power struggles, both past and present, and what they might mean for the party in the coming years ahead. It follows Kogan’s seminal book The Battle for the Labour Party, published in 1981 when the author was just 24 years old, as the author returns to examine the last 40 years of the party’s history right up to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the internal battles over Brexit, antisemitism and the power of the new left.

Duncan commented: "Protest and Power may be the guide to the next period in British political history. In light of the impending fractures throughout British politics, this is the book we all need to read before the next election; regardless of political affiliation."

Kogan said: "This book will tell the story of the Labour Party of the last 40 years - from the Bennite left, to New Labour to Corbynista Labour using extensive interviews. It will also look at the current state of the Labour Party and its future. I’m delighted that Bloomsbury is publishing this book."

Protest and Power will be published alongside a "major" publicity and marketing campaign, by Bloomsbury Reader in April 2019.