Treger's 'enthralling' snake tattoo novel to Bloomsbury

Treger's 'enthralling' snake tattoo novel to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury has bought a new book from Louisa Treger about a woman “with a dramatic snake tattooed on her leg and a mysterious past”.

Stephanie Duncan, publisher at Bloomsbury, acquired world rights in Treger’s second novel, The Dragon Lady, which will be published as a Bloomsbury Caravel lead title in summer 2019.

It is a fictionalised account of the life of Lady Virginia (Ginie) Courtauld of Eltham Palace, who has snake tattoo. The title opens with an attack she suffers in 1950s Rhodesia.

A Bloomsbury spokesperson said: “It is a wonderfully evocative novel, juxtaposing fact with fiction and transporting the reader from the Art Deco grandeur of Eltham Palace to the beautiful La Rochelle in Rhodesia, where tension builds with ghostly overtones”.

Bloomsbury chief executive Nigel Newton said: "I was enthralled by The Dragon Lady and am delighted that Bloomsbury are publishing Louisa Treger in the wake of the critical acclaim for her first novel The Lodger."

Duncan said:  “Louisa’s book had me longing to know what happens next. Her ability to weave fact with fiction into a page turning novel makes The Dragon Lady the perfect holiday read.”

Treger said: “I have long admired Bloomsbury for their passion, diversity, and dedication. Although they are a sizeable company, there’s a personal feel to it, and you don’t get the sense of being part of a corporate body. Their list of authors is second to none – it’s the stuff of dreams to join it.”

Louisa Treger’s first novel, The Lodger, was published by Macmillan in in 2014.