Bloomsbury bags neuroscientist's headache book

Bloomsbury bags neuroscientist's headache book

Bloomsbury has acquired a book on headaches, Splitting, by neuroscientist Amanda Ellison.

Charlotte Croft, publisher of the Bloomsbury health and wellbeing imprint, Green Tree, has acquired world English rights (including e-book and audio) through Jaime Marshall at J P Marshall Literary Agency for Splitting: The Inside Story On Headaches – Why We Get Them, What They Tell Us, And What We Can Do by professor Amanda Ellison.

"In this revelatory, fascinating and accessible guide to headaches, leading neuroscientist Amanda Ellison lifts the lid on head pain - from what causes migraines to how sinus pain happens to whether we should just reach for the painkillers and ignore the root causes," Bloomsbury said. "Offering clear differentiations between the different types of headache that even GPs don’t readily provide, as well as practical advice, this book will offer clear guidance and help to discover what is really causing your headaches. What is your body trying to tell you?" 

Croft said: “We’re delighted to be publishing Amanda Ellison’s ground-breaking and fascinating new book. We’ve all been laid low by a headache, but most of us don’t know what really causes them – or how we can avoid them. If you’ve ever reached for the paracetamol this is the book for you.” 

Ellison is a physiologist and neuroscientist at Durham University and "all round headache guru," according to the publisher. 

She said: “I am truly thrilled to be joining the Green Tree family of authors. By delving into the science of headaches, I really want to put readers in the driver's seat: not only to help them feel better when headaches happen, but to help them take control of their overall health and wellbeing.”

Green Tree will publish Splitting on the 11th June 2020 in hardback, retailing at £16.99.