Blink to publish new companion to The Crown

Blink to publish new companion to The Crown

Blink is releasing an official companion to the second and third series of Netflix hit “The Crown”.

The Crown: Volume II will publish on 18th November, the day after the new series commences, with Olivia Colman taking over from Claire Foy in the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

Bonnier Books c.e.o Perminder Mann and senior editor Oliver Holden-Rea acquired The Crown as part of a two-book deal, with world all language rights, from Michael Foster of Foster and Co Limited on behalf of Left Bank Pictures. The first book, The Crown: The Inside History, was published on 5th October 2017.

The new book’s synopsis explains: “Renowned biographer and the show’s historical consultant Robert Lacey takes the reader through the real history that inspired the drama.  Following the TV series’ chronology, covering two tumultuous decades in the reign of Elizabeth II, from the Suez Canal Crisis and the US/Russia space race to rumoured issues with the royal marriage – with an historical flashback to the Duke of Windsor’s collaboration with Hitler. The book will provide a fascinating insight into the two decades that the show covers, revealing the truth behind the on-screen fiction. 

“Extensively researched and complete with beautifully reproduced photographs, this is a unique look behind the history that inspired the show and the years that would prove to be the making of The Queen.”