Blink nets football titles by Robbie Fowler and F2

Blink nets football titles by Robbie Fowler and F2

Bonnier Books UK imprint Blink has netted two football titles with Robbie Fowler’s “definitive” autobiography and the fifth publication from freestylers The F2.

Non-fiction publisher Matt Phillips acquired world all language rights from Phil Smith at The First Artist Company for Fowler’s A Footballer’s Life, which will be published on 14th November.

The publisher said: “Personal, frank and revealing, he will open up about regrets, achievements, fame and struggles in the simpler times of the game. Inviting readers inside the dressing room, sharing stories of legendary team-mates like Rush, Owen and Gerrard, his love of the Kop, his greatest achievements and his biggest regrets as well as the money, celebrity, and the hoopla that surrounds the modern game, the book will cover Hillsborough to Istanbul, via the cup treble, that celebration, all those goals, plus Houllier, Benitiez and Klopp.”

Fowler said: “This is my story from growing up as a lad, trying to make it as player for Liverpool to cheering in the stands as a fan, as Liverpool won the Champion’s League earlier this year. It’s been an incredible pleasure to take this trip down memory lane. I hope everyone enjoys reading the stories as much as I’ve enjoyed remembering them.”

Phillips also acquired world all language rights to F2: Ultimate Footballer direct from the authors.

Out on 17th October, its synopsis explains: “The F2 have scoured the planet and analysed what ingredients are needed to build the perfect footballer - the left boot of Messi, the passing of de Bruyne, the dribbling of Neymar, the finishing of Kane. Now they want to create the ultimate footballer and show readers how to emulate their favourite stars. If readers want to add skills like the Messi soft touch free-kick, or the Ozil chop, then they need to look no further. And this time, it's not just the skills but also the drills. Chasing the pace of Mbappé? Or the engine of Kanté, The F2 will show readers how.”

The F2 have published four previous titles with Blink, shifting 256,853 books for £1.9m according to Nielsen data, with debut World of Football selling 110,396.

They said: “We are so proud to have produced and sold so many of our previous four books and we can’t wait to show you the new one. It’s all set to be our best yet. It’s going to take you even closer to your favourite stars than ever before and teach you their training and skills secrets.”

Phillips added: “I’m incredibly proud to be publishing F2: Ultimate Footballer. Billy and Jez are a football and bookselling dream. They deliver exactly what every football fan wants – the skills, the stars and the insider scoops.”