Blink bags Shakespeare's Brexit from Starling

Blink bags Shakespeare's Brexit from Starling

Bonnier imprint Blink has bagged a Brexit-inspired “comedy of errors” in the style of Shakespeare by Boris Starling.

Following a direct approach, Blink senior editor Joel Simons acquired world rights from Juliet Mushens at Caskie Mushens. William Shakespeare’s Brexit will be published on 17th October.

The synopsis explains: “William Shakespeare’s Brexit reimagines the story of the UK’s acrimonious break from the EU as a Shakespearean tragedy, told hilariously in wonderful iambic pentameter. A story of cynical electioneering and poisoned political scheming, featuring star turns from Boris Johnson, Theresa May and David Cameron, the book is the perfect satire for anyone interested in politics, humour, or even a little bit of am-dram.”

An audiobook version, simultaneously released on 17th October, is performed by an ensemble cast of impressionists including "Spitting Image" veterans Steve Nallon as David Cameron and Kate Robbins as Theresa May, with Will Barton as Boris Johnson, and Dugald Bruce Lockhart as Michael Gove.

Simons said: “As we enter the latest phase of the enduring Brexit saga, what better way to relive some of its most memorable moments than via the pen of our greatest ever writer? William Shakespeare would have had a field day with the power-plays, political shenanigans and language games in the Commons in the past few years.”

Starling added: “William Shakespeare understood the dark heart of man’s motivations better than almost any other writer in history and would have found deep fascination with figures at the heart of Brexit. The ever-enduring political saga is the perfect Shakespearean drama – full of scheming, plotting, humour and a fluttering of dramatic irony. It’s been a joy to write.”