Avon to hold virtual festival for authors

Avon to hold virtual festival for authors

Avon is putting on a virtual festival to showcase its authors during the Covid-19 crackdown.

Shared online as #avonbookfest, the event begins on 3rd April featuring a Q&A with author Mel Sherratt and her editor Katie Loughnane. This will be followed by a panel with Lorna Cook, Fiona Gibson and Sue Moorcroft, discussing commercial fiction, escapism and settings. 

On 4th April, C L Taylor will be in conversation with her editor Phoebe Morgan. All the events will be hosted online, people can sign up for tickets and the full schedule will be on the Avon Books website shortly.

Avon will also be hosting instagram takeovers and bookshelf tours every Friday for #festivalfriday, and there will be additional panel events taking place on 1st May and 5th June, featuring all Avon authors who are publishing between March and June.

Morgan, editorial director for Avon and fiction, said: “we've been in a period of uncertainty for a couple of weeks so we thought we would use this opportunity to work with our upcoming authors and put a virtual festival on. We know that people are using books during this time to escape from reality so we want to offer what we can. All our authors have been so supportive, as have our readers and we can't wait to see people show up and get involved! All details for upcoming events can be found all over the Avon social channels so keep your eyes peeled for the full schedule – we would love to see as many people there as possible.”