Asda unveils UK's cheapest e-book reader

ASDA has launched the UK’s cheapest e-reader at £52.

The View Quest Mediabox 5in Media Tablet went on sale today through its Asda Direct website. The Asda site does not sell e-books with the supermarket chain instead encouraging readers to download out of copyright e-books for free from the Project Gutenberg website. The device also offers music and video playback.

The next cheapest device on the market is sold by WH Smith, which offers the Imagin reader for £59.99. Waterstone's sells the colour e-book reader  Elonex at £79.99.

Adam May, tablet buyer at Asda, said: “We’re also hoping that we can inspire a new generation of readers. At £52, which works out at £1 per week for a year, our reader is outstanding value and will give many years of pleasure to every generation of electronic bookworms.

“There’s no doubt that the e-book is here to stay and we’re doing our bit to put affordable literature in the hands of bookworms.”