Andersen Press marks Pride with Elmer and LGBT+ charity

Andersen Press marks Pride with Elmer and LGBT+ charity

Andersen Press will celebrate Pride this year with Elmer the Patchwork Elephant and LGBT+ young people's charity Just Like Us.

For the first time, an adult range of Elmer clothing will be on sale in the UK at retail site TruffleShuffle, with all proceeds going to the charity.

Elmer has been named an LGBTQ+ icon by the Guardian and is part of the No Outsiders inclusive education resource programme.

Andersen Press has designed new Pride assets for the campaign, with elephant characters in the colours of the Pride, Lesbian, Bi and Trans flags. Resources from Just Like Us will feature in a free Elmer Day activities resource. In turn, Elmer will feature in Just Like Us resources for School Diversity Week, the annual activity celebrated by over 2,000 schools around the country in June.

The campaign will include special marketing from TruffleShuffle, as well as an influencer campaign with LGBTQ+ families showcasing the new clothing alongside Elmer books and further products.

Paul Black, Andersen Press PR and brand director, said: “Every year we see Elmer read by LGBT families, and used in classrooms and homes around the world to open discussions on acceptance and inclusivity, we have wanted to give back for some time now and promote Elmer’s links to the community and raise some money at the same time. Elmer celebrates everyone’s true colours, and that sentiment is shared by the amazing work of Just Like Us in schools around the UK. We hope with our new clothing range we’ll not only be able to raise a lot of money for the charity, but share Elmer’s message far and wide this Pride season.”

Dominic Arnall, c.e.o. of Just Like Us, added: "We're delighted to be launching this collaboration with Andersen Press and TruffleShuffle, and funds raised will enable Just Like Us to continue improving the lives of LGBT+ young people through school talks, resources and School Diversity Week – our annual celebration of LGBT+ inclusion in education that this year is taking place from 21st to 25th June. We can't wait to see Elmer opening up much-needed conversations about inclusion, acceptance and celebrating your true colours."