Amazon's new Kindle app is 'inspired by books'

Amazon's new Kindle app is 'inspired by books'

Amazon has launched a new Kindle app designed to encourage more people to read e-books on their mobile phones.

The app's “look and feel" is "inspired by books”, Amazon said, with larger book covers, new fonts, a new app icon and light and dark background themes to choose from.

“We’ve built the new Kindle app from the ground up for book lovers, giving readers easy access to everything they might want to do with their books, all in one place,” said Alessio Santarelli, director of Kindle content EU. “It’s now easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book and immerse yourself in an author’s world at any time.”

The one-tap access navigations shows the icon of the book currently being read by a user, so it is easier for the reader to go back to it, while a new bottom bar provides quick access to Kindle’s features so users to switch between the pages of the book and their libray.

The search bar is now always available throughout the app so it is easier to find titles either in the library or in Kindle Store itself.

In the US, the updated app includes integration with the Goodreads so that customers can share and discuss recommendations but is this function is not yet available in the UK.

An Amazon spokesperson said: "Goodreads is used around the world. Specifically, starting today [24th October], the 'Community' tab featuring Goodreads discovery and discussion features are available on Kindle for iOS (in the US only)."

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play, and will be delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update starting this week.